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Please note: This project is stopped, no bugfixes, features, etc. are done.

Eventuate is a toolkit for building applications composed of event-driven and event-sourced services that communicate via causally ordered event streams. Services can either be co-located on a single node or distributed up to global scale. Services can also be replicated with causal consistency and remain available for writes during network partitions. Eventuate has a Java and Scala API, is written in Scala and built on top of Akka, a toolkit for building highly concurrent, distributed, and resilient message-driven applications on the JVM. Eventuate

  • provides abstractions for building stateful event-sourced services, persistent and in-memory query databases and event processing pipelines
  • enables services to communicate over a reliable and partition-tolerant event bus with causal event ordering and distribution up to global scale
  • supports stateful service replication with causal consistency and concurrent state updates with automated and interactive conflict resolution
  • provides implementations of operation-based CRDTs as specified in A comprehensive study of Convergent and Commutative Replicated Data Types
  • supports the development of always-on applications by allowing services to be distributed across multiple availability zones (locations)
  • supports the implementation of reliable business processes from event-driven and command-driven service interactions
  • supports the aggregation of events from distributed services for updating query databases
  • provides adapters to 3rd-party stream processing frameworks for analyzing event streams





Global-scale event sourcing and event collaboration with causal consistency (This project is in maintenance mode. Only critical bugs will be fixed, but there is no more feature development.).







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