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Carnivore2 MultiFunctional Cartridge Readme File
Copyright (c) 2017-2020 RBSC
Last updated: 21.03.2020

The user guide and technical documentation have been moved into the PDF files:

Carnivore2 User Guide (English).pdf
Carnivore2 User Guide (Russian).pdf
Carnivore2 Technical Description (English).pdf
Carnivore2 Technical Description (Russian).pdf

The partslist and changelog have been moved into the PDF files:

Carnivore2 Changelog (English).pdf
Carnivore2 Changelog (Russian).pdf
Carnivore2 Partslist (English).pdf
Carnivore2 Partslist (Russian).pdf

The documentation is also available here:

Last minute notes

The dual-slot functionality doesn't work on at least 2 computers: Sony HB-55 and HB-75. The reason is still unknown. We hope to
mitigate this issue in the future versions of Boot Meny, when the subslot is invoked in the dual-slot emulation functionality.
Certain subslot combinations may not work well on MSX TurboR computers. We will try to fix this as well.

When a computer is just powered on with the Carnivore2 cartridge inserted into a slot, it will reboot twice. This is normal and
was implemented to make sure that the cartridge is fully initialized after the cold boot. You can enable the dual-reboot feature
in the Configuration settings.


The RBSC provides all the files and information for free, without any liability (see the disclaimer.txt file). The provided information,
software or hardware must not be used for commercial purposes unless permitted by the RBSC. Producing a small amount of bare boards for
personal projects and selling the rest of the batch is allowed without the permission of RBSC.

When the sources of the tools are used to create alternative projects, please always mention the original source and the copyright!

Contact information

The members of RBSC group Tnt23, Wierzbowsky, Pencioner, Ptero, GreyWolf and DJS3000 can be contacted via the group's e-mail address:

The group's coordinator could be reached via this e-mail address:

The group's website can be found here:

The RBSC's hardware repository can be found here:

The RBSC's 3D model repository can be found here:

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