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DualSlim adapter to connect 2 slim drives to a standard FDD interface

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DualSlim Adapter Board v1.1
Copyright (c) 2022 RBSC


This is the adapter board to connect two slim floppy drives to a single 34-pin FDD interface cable. There could be also a combination
of a slim floppy drive, for example MPF820 and a slim Gotek drive, for example SFRM72-DU26. Now you don't need to have 2 drive bays
in your MSX computer - you can have 2 drives in a single bay!

The 3D printed parts to join 2 slim drives into one solution, suitable for a single drive bay can be found here:

See the pictures in the Pics folder on how to assemble and install the DualSlim setup in MSX2 computer that has a single floppy drive
bay. Note the picture for the AX-350 MSX2 fix - you will need to solder one wire for the DualSlim setup in this computer.

The video of DualSlim setup in the Yamaha AX-350 computer can be seen here:


Beside the circuit board, you will need the following parts:

 - 4-pin male floppy drive power connector (angled pins)
 - 34-pin (or longer) dual-row angled pin header with 2.54mm spacing
 - Two 26-pin FPC ribbon flexible flat cable, 1mm spacing, 100mm long, reverse type!
 - Two 26-pin FPC/FFC connectors with 1.0mm spacing

These parts are available here (at the time of writing):

The slim Gotek drive can be bought from here:

All parts are mounted on the top of the board. When installing the board into a computer, make sure to isolate the back side of
the circuit board.


The RBSC provides all the files and information for free, without any liability (see the disclaimer.txt file). The provided information,
software or hardware must not be used for commercial purposes unless permitted by the RBSC. Producing a small amount of bare boards for
personal projects and selling the rest of the batch is allowed without the permission of RBSC.

When the sources of the tools are used to create alternative projects, please always mention the original source and the copyright!

Contact information

The members of RBSC group Tnt23, Wierzbowsky, Pyhesty, Ptero, GreyWolf, SuperMax and DJS3000 can be contacted via the group's e-mail

The group's coordinator could be reached via this e-mail address:

The group's website can be found here:

The RBSC's hardware repository can be found here:

The RBSC's 3D model repository can be found here:

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DualSlim adapter to connect 2 slim drives to a standard FDD interface






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