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A to-do list of projects. Not a place for bugs in existing packages (use the package's GitHub issue tracker).


  • pbdADIOS
    • Quick Description: Interface to the ADIOS I/O library.
    • Needs: Documentation, vignette, higher-level interface, possible memory management issues (test with valgrind)
  • pbdMR
    • Quick Description: Mapreduce over MPI
    • Needs: Finish implementing map and reduce primitives, documentation, vignette.
  • pbdRchive
    • Quick Description: A set of scripts for managing a linux environment. Have things like nightly pbdR package builds, ppa/binary distributions, measure/log package statistics from CRAN/GitHub, etc.
    • Needs: See description above.

Needs Love

  • pbdML
    • Quick Description: Machine learning algorithms implemented on top of pbdMPI and/or pbdDMAT.
    • Needs: better tests, more methods
  • hpcvis
    • Quick Description: Plotters for MPI and performance counter (PAPI) profilers
    • Needs: more pbdPAPI plots, more than barplots for MPI profilers, eventual integration with TAU
  • pbdSBASE
    • Quick Description: Sparse matrix/vector methods over PETSc.
    • Needs: better build scripts, integration into pbdDMAT, vignette/documentation, better configure/build testing (and/or finish pbdSSLAP)


  • Move to static hosting for documentation, vignettes, package sources/binaries, etc (see pbdRchive above).
  • Update/rewrite installation instructions in markdown for non-terrible html generation
  • Fix staticdocs to work with pbd packages; generate website documentation with fixed staticdocs.

Unstarted Projects

High Priority

  • Parallel IO tools
  • dplasma integration in pbdBASE/pbdDMAT

Nice to Have

  • Scheduler integration for the client/server