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Oct 22, 2021
No more crashing in showProof

For new users: this is a standalone issue of Jape, which does not require you to download a Java. It comes with enough Java bits included.

For old users: this release supersedes previous 9.1.* and 9.0*. releases, because I've fixed a bug in proof printing which would crash under certain circumstances. I recommend you use this release. (Thanks to Heinz-Peter Gumm of Marburg for telling me about the bug.)

  • Windows: download JapeInstall_9.1.1.exe; put it where you want to keep Jape's examples folder; double-click it. It will install Jape and leave you with an examples folder and a shortcut: drag the shortcut to your desktop, and double-click it to run Jape. You can delete JapeInstall_9.1.1.exe once everything is working.

  • Linux: download LinuxJape_9.1.1.tgz; put it somewhere in your home files, in the place where you want to keep Jape's examples folder; double-click it. It will produce a directory called LinuxJape, containing, README_INSTALL.html. Open README_INSTALL.htmland follow the instructions. You can delete LinuxJape_9.1.1.tgz once everything is working.

  • MacOS: download jape_9.1.1.dmg (or, if you have a lovely new M1 Mac, jape_9.1.1 for Apple silicon.dmg); open it; open README.html and follow the instructions. Be especially careful not to install anything on the Desktop: Apple is fussy about that.

Richard Bornat 2021/10/09

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Aug 31, 2021
at last drag and drop works on MacOS
Aug 26, 2021
added jre to dependencies of local and release
Aug 26, 2021
seems to fix spurious display of console log

@RBornat RBornat released this Aug 28, 2021

9.1.0 is withdrawn: 9.1.1 has a bug fix.

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@RBornat RBornat released this Nov 19, 2020

9.0.12 for MacOS (there were problems running jape in Big Sur, and maybe other places)

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Nov 18, 2020
with better jarbundler, universalJavaApplicationStub; works on Big Sur

@RBornat RBornat released this Oct 26, 2020

With better treatment of syllogisms, and (in MacOS) drag-n-drop file to Open it in Jape.

And the documentation makes it clear that Java 9 or later is essential.

Supersedes 9.0.11.

For MacOS (especially Big Sur) see 9.0.12b

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@RBornat RBornat released this Oct 1, 2020

von Plato and Roy Dyckhoff prompted me to try to implement Aristotlean syllogisms. von Plato's work was the more challenging for Jape: some small internal changes were necessary (invisible to existing theories so far as I can tell).

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