Is this a real V-Buck site? Helps you recongnize legitimate V-Bucks sites.
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Is this a real V-Buck site?

A browser extension that helps you recongnize legitimate V-Bucks sites.

Fortnite has caused quite the security kerfuffle. Between releasing the Android app outside the Google Play Store and an insane desire for V-Bucks, scams are running rampant.

Wired put out this article today entitled "Fortnite scams are even worse than you thought", and it made me sad that people are being tricked (that's for tomorrow 🎃). So I made this simple browser extension as a helpful reminder of legitimate V-Buck sites!


Download the extension files by clicking "Clone or download > Download Zip" here on Github

Then follow steps 1, 2, and 3 here to install the extension

(Yes, enabling Developer mode to sideload extensions is a similar security whole to what Epic is doing with Fortnite on Android. I'll look into publishing the extension officially.)

Test out the extension!

V-Bucks for PlayStation:

V-Bucks for Xbox:

V-Bucks for PC/Switch/iOS/Android are only available in game, but here's a link to Epic Games explaining that:

Don't buy V-Bucks on eBay:

Other Fortnite Links and Security Tips:

Here’s how to get Fortnite on Android:

How to protect your Epic account:

Epic on V-Buck Scams: