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ORG $F800 ; 0xFFFF - 2048
start: ;di ; disable interrupts
ld hl, $FFFF ; set new stack location
ld sp, hl ; to $FFFF
ld a, $03
out ($80),a ; ACIA master reset
ld a, $96 ; Initialize ACIA
out ($80),a
mainf: ld hl, initstr
call print
waitcol: call RX ; wait for ':'
ld a, l
cp ':'
jp nz, waitcol
ld ix, 0 ; reset ix to compute checksum
call readbyte ; read byte count
ld b, h ; store it in bc
ld c, l ;
call readbyte ; read upper byte of address
ld d, l ; store in d
call readbyte ; read lower byte of address
ld e, l ; store in e
call readbyte ; read record type
ld a, l ; store in a
cp 01 ; check if record type is 01 (end of file)
jr z, endload
cp 00 ; check if record type is 00 (data)
jr nz, invtype ; if not, error
readdata: call readbyte
ld a, l
ld (de), a
inc de
dec bc
ld a, 0 ; check if bc==0
or b
or c
cp 0
jr nz, readdata ; if not, loop
;ld a, '|'
;call TX
call readbyte ; read checksum
ld a, ixl ; lower byte of ix should be 0
cp 0
jr nz, badck
ld a, '*'
call TX
jp waitcol
endload: call readbyte ; read last checksum (not used)
ld hl, loadokstr
call print
ld hl, $8080
jp (hl)
;jp hang
invtype: ld hl, invalidtypestr
call print
jp hang
badck: ld hl, badchecksumstr
call print
jp hang
jp hang
TX: push af
txbusy: in a,($80) ; read serial status
bit 1,a ; check status bit 1
jr z, txbusy ; loop if zero (serial is busy)
pop af
out ($81), a ; transmit the character
push af
waitch: ;in a, ($80)
;bit 0, a
;jr z, waitch
;in a, ($81)
;ld h, 0
rst $10
ld l, a
;call TX
pop af
ld a, (hl)
or a
ret z
call TX
inc hl
jp print
push af
push de
call RX
ld a, l
sub '0'
cp 10
jr c, rnib2 ; if a<10 read the second nibble
sub 7 ; else subtract 'A'-'0' (17) and add 10
rnib2: ld d, a ; temporary store the first nibble in d
call RX
ld a, l
sub '0'
cp 10
jr c, rend ; if a<10 finalize
sub 7 ; else subtract 'A' (17) and add 10
rend: ld e, a ; temporary store the second nibble in e
sla d ; shift register d left by 4 bits
sla d
sla d
sla d
or d
pop de
ld h, 0
ld l, a
pop af
push bc ; add the byte read to ix (for checksum)
ld b, 0
ld c, l
add ix, bc
pop bc
initstr: DEFM "HEX LOADER by Filippo Bergamasco",10,13,0
invalidtypestr: DEFM 10,13,"INV TYP",0
badchecksumstr: DEFM 10,13,"BAD CHK",0
loadokstr: DEFM 10,13,"OK",0