R Community Diversity and Inclusion Working Group (RCDI-WG)
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R Community Diversity and Inclusion Working Group


The goal of the R Community Diversity and Inclusion Working Group (RCDI-WG) is to broadly consider how the R Consortium can best encourage and support diverse and inclusion. The short-term priority is to define and publicise on best practices for R community events, and ensure that events funded by the R consortium adhere to those guidelines. In the long term, the RCDI-WG will think about how diversity and inclusion can we woven throughout all R consortium activities.


Chair (and ISC sponsor): Hadley Wickham

The WG will be seeded with four members:

  • Jenny Bryan, representing FORWARDS
  • Gabriela de Queiroz representing R-Ladies
  • A representation from the R/finance program committee
  • Scott Chamberlain representing CascadiaRConf.

Any interested R community member is also welcome to join (see below for details, and one of the initial missions of the WG will be to recruit a diverse membership.

Initial tasks

  • Publicly recruit other members from the R community
  • Review and revise the existing R Consortium Code of Conduct
  • Develop diversity/inclusivity best practices for R community events
  • Provide shortlist of existing resources to help conference organisers improve diversity/inclusivity
  • Develop self-assessed conference badging guidelines


Deliverables will be available in this repo as the group begins work on them.


All project materials are available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license


Join the mailing list to take part in the group.

Meetings are announced via the mailing list and available on the calendar. You can review past meeting notes to get up to speed on the discussion.