A K-Means clustering anime recommender written in Python.
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A K-Means clustering anime recommender written in Python.

As an avid anime watcher, one of the main problems I have is to add anime series that I'm interested in to my backlog. It is a problem of choice: there are so many anime shows that it is very difficult to choose one. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem.

However, it is quite possible that there are some patterns in the anime series anyone like to watch, such as genres, length and so on. For example, if someone likes Action and Mecha anime, it is unlikely he will watch a Shoujo anime and vice versa.

This code uses K-Means clustering with genres only, and will take anime IDs and ratings as inputs.

It is designed to be done in batch, such as with the rating.csv file given in the data set.



anime_id - myanimelist.net's unique id identifying an anime.
name - full name of anime.
genre - comma separated list of genres for this anime.
type - movie, TV, OVA, etc.
rating - average rating out of 10 for this anime.
members - number of community members that are in this anime's "group".


user_id - non identifiable randomly generated user id.
anime_id - the anime that this user has rated.
rating - rating out of 10 this user has assigned (-1 if the user watched it but didn't assign a rating).



Rating ID - same as the user_id in Rating.csv
Name - full name of the recommended anime
Genre - comma separated list of genres for this anime
Kind - movie, TV, OVA, etc.
Episodes - number of episodes of the anime

It should be noted that only 5-6 animes will be produced by each user.

Dataset from myanimelist available at: https://www.kaggle.com/CooperUnion/anime-recommendations-database