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WG Meeting 2018-06-06


05/06 June


Nicholas Car, Dave Dubin, Jon Morrissey, Ivana Ivanova, Mingfang Wu, Dave Lescinsky, Lesley Wyborn
Tom Honeyman (addened for some time)


  1. Review last Minutes: missing
  • short meeting, Dave only, not written minutes
  1. Open Issues:
  • close a couple
  1. Progress on our Patterns DB
  • related status
  1. ProvenanceWeek engagement
  2. DXWG DCAT engagement
  • ACTION: NC to ensure this WG's UC DB covers all W3C UCs
  1. Australian provenance projects July onwards
  2. Focus groups – spatial provenance, vocabularies
  3. General Business
  • Dave Dubin: SciDataCon session proposals are due 28th June
    • will arange a time (NC & DD) to pake session proposal
  • SciDataCon in Botswana:
    • Nicholas Car might go - will apply for ANDS funds
    • Dave Lescinsky might go
    • Dave Dubin is unlikely to
    • Lesley Wyborn will be going
  • AGU - Lesley is on the committee, no provenance sessions yet, sessions announced shortly, Lesley will point to them
  • IDCC - Intl. Digital Curation Conferene, Melb, Feb, 2019 - Tom Honeyman mentions
  1. Next Meeting, European Friendly time on 19th June