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@jonphipps jonphipps released this Oct 21, 2015 · 142 commits to master since this release

This release:

Is compatible with the October 2015 Update of RDA Toolkit.
Fixes minor errors and typos.
Makes minor updates to element sets and value vocabularies.
Restores data for deprecated elements removed in a previous release.
Adds RDA Toolkit Glossary labels and definitions to some elements.
Adds new RDA elements:

rdaa:P50261 is on-screen participant of
rdaa:P50262 is commissioning body of
rdaa:P50263 is software developer of
rdaa:P50264 is participant in a treaty of
rdaa:P50265 is researcher of
rdaa:P50266 is colourist of
rdaa:P50267 is make-up artist of
rdaa:P50268 is choral conductor of
rdaa:P50269 is instrumental conductor of
rdaa:P50270 is organizer of
rdae:P20279 has on-screen participant
rdae:P20280 has software developer
rdae:P20281 is oratorio adaptation of (expression)
rdae:P20282 is adapted as oratorio (expression)
rdae:P20283 has colourist
rdae:P20284 has make-up artist
rdae:P20285 has choral conductor
rdae:P20286 has instrumental conductor
rdaw:P10287 has commissioning body
rdaw:P10288 is oratorio adaptation of (work)
rdaw:P10289 is adapted as oratorio (work)
rdaw:P10290 is inspired by
rdaw:P10291 is inspiration for
rdaw:P10292 has participant in a treaty
rdaw:P10293 has researcher
rdaw:P10294 has commemoration
rdaw:P10295 is commemoration of
rdaw:P10296 has referential work relationship with
rdaw:P10297 has organizer

Adds unconstrained elements:

rdau:P60824 has on-screen participant
rdau:P60825 is on-screen participant of
rdau:P60826 has commissioning body
rdau:P60827 is commissioning body of
rdau:P60828 has software developer
rdau:P60829 is software developer of
rdau:P60830 is oratorio adaptation of
rdau:P60831 is adapted as oratorio
rdau:P60832 is inspired by
rdau:P60833 is inspiration for
rdau:P60834 has participant in a treaty
rdau:P60835 is participant in a treaty of
rdau:P60836 has researcher
rdau:P60837 is researcher of
rdau:P60838 has colourist
rdau:P60839 is colourist of
rdau:P60840 has make-up artist
rdau:P60841 is make-up artist of
rdau:P60842 has choral conductor
rdau:P60843 is choral conductor of
rdau:P60844 has instrumental conductor
rdau:P60845 is instrumental conductor of
rdau:P60846 has commemoration
rdau:P60847 is commemoration of
rdau:P60848 has referential resource relationship with
rdau:P60849 has organizer
rdau:P60850 is organizer of

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