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@jonphipps jonphipps released this Mar 13, 2016 · 101 commits to master since this release

This release:

Is compatible with the February 2016 release of RDA Toolkit.
Fixes minor errors and typos.
Makes minor updates to element sets and value vocabularies.
Adds RDA Toolkit Glossary labels and definitions to remaining elements and values.
Adds the French translations of element sets and updates the French translations of value vocabularies.
Adds the Chinese translations of value vocabularies.

Adds new RDA elements:

rdaa:P50271 is censor of
rdaa:P50272 is photographer (expression) of
rdaa:P50273 is restorationist (expression) of
rdaa:P50274 has colleague
rdaa:P50275 has assistant
rdaa:P50276 is assistant to
rdaa:P50277 has co-worker
rdaa:P50278 has partner
rdaa:P50279 has fellow student
rdaa:P50280 has friend
rdaa:P50281 has student
rdaa:P50282 has teacher
rdaa:P50283 has enrolled student
rdaa:P50284 has chief executive
rdaa:P50285 has trustee
rdaa:P50286 is chief executive of
rdaa:P50287 is trustee of
rdaa:P50288 is student at
rdae:P20288 has photographer (expression)
rdae:P20289 has restorationist (expression)

Adds new unconstrained elements:

rdau:P60851 has censor
rdau:P60852 is censor of
rdau:P60853 has colleague
rdau:P60854 has friend
rdau:P60855 has enrolled student
rdau:P60856 is student at
rdau:P60857 has assistant
rdau:P60858 is assistant to
rdau:P60859 has co-worker
rdau:P60860 has partner
rdau:P60861 has fellow student
rdau:P60862 has student
rdau:P60863 has teacher
rdau:P60864 has chief executive
rdau:P60865 is chief executive of
rdau:P60866 has trustee
rdau:P60867 is trustee of

Replaces lexical aliases:

rdaa:P50027 rdaa:incumbent.en becomes rdaa:officer.en
rdaa:P50030 rdaa:groupMember.en becomes rdaa:member.en
rdaa:P50095 rdaa:groupMemberOf.en becomes rdaa:corporateBody.en
rdaa:P50234 rdaa:officiatedCorporateBody.en becomes rdaa:officerOf.en
rdai:P40024 rdai:restorationist.en becomes rdai:restorationistItem.en
rdau:P60633 rdau:incumbent.en becomes rdau:officer.en
rdau:P60737 rdau:officiatedAgent.en becomes rdau:officerOf.en

Deprecates value vocabulary concepts:

RDAappliedMaterial:1004 crayon

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