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This release:

Is compatible with the August 2016 release of RDA Toolkit.
Fixes minor errors and typos.
Makes minor updates to element sets and value vocabularies.

Adds new RDA entities:

rdac:C10009 Place

Adds new element set:

http://rdaregistry.info/Elements/p/ rdap RDA Place

Adds new RDA elements:

rdaa:P50291 has surname
rdaa:P50292 has given name
rdaa:P50293 is remix artist of
rdaa:P50294 is casting director of
rdaa:P50295 is audio producer of
rdaa:P50296 is audio engineer of
rdaa:P50297 is mixing engineer of
rdaa:P50298 is DJ of
rdaa:P50299 is dubbing director of
rdaa:P50300 is music programmer of
rdaa:P50301 has absorbed corporate body
rdaa:P50302 has absorbing corporate body
rdaa:P50303 has jointly held conference
rdae:P20290 has aspect ratio designation
rdae:P20291 has scale designation
rdae:P20292 has audio engineer
rdae:P20293 has mixing engineer
rdae:P20294 has music programmer
rdae:P20295 has dubbing director
rdae:P20296 has DJ
rdam:P30261 has cartographic data type
rdam:P30262 has details of cartographic data type
rdam:P30263 has reduction ratio designation
rdaw:P10300 has latitude
rdaw:P10301 has longitude
rdaw:P10302 has right ascension
rdaw:P10303 has declination
rdaw:P10304 has audio producer
rdaw:P10305 has casting director
rdaw:P10306 has remix artist
rdaz:P60005 has date of usage
rdaz:P60006 has scope of usage

Adds new unconstrained RDA elements:

rdau:P60873 has aspect ratio designation
rdau:P60874 has scale designation
rdau:P60875 has cartographic data type
rdau:P60876 has details of cartographic data type
rdau:P60877 has reduction ratio designation
rdau:P60878 has surname
rdau:P60879 has given name
rdau:P60880 has variant name of a place
rdau:P60881 is remix artist of
rdau:P60882 is casting director of
rdau:P60883 is audio producer of
rdau:P60884 is audio engineer of
rdau:P60885 is mixing engineer of
rdau:P60886 is DJ of
rdau:P60887 is dubbing director of
rdau:P60888 is music programmer of
rdau:P60889 has audio producer
rdau:P60890 has casting director
rdau:P60891 has remix artist
rdau:P60892 has audio engineer
rdau:P60893 has mixing engineer
rdau:P60894 has music programmer
rdau:P60895 has dubbing director
rdau:P60896 has DJ

Deprecates published RDA elements:

rdam:P30177 has extent of cartographic resource (Deprecated)
rdam:P30178 has extent of notated music (Deprecated)
rdam:P30179 has extent of still image (Deprecated)
rdam:P30180 has extent of three-dimensional form (Deprecated)
rdam:P30181 has extent of text (Deprecated)
rdam:P30188 has production method for tactile resource (Deprecated)
rdam:P30189 has production method for manuscript (Deprecated)
rdam:P30190 has generation of audio recording (Deprecated)
rdam:P30192 has generation of digital resource (Deprecated)
rdam:P30193 has generation of motion picture film (Deprecated)
rdam:P30194 has generation of videotape (Deprecated)
rdam:P30195 has generation of microform (Deprecated)
rdam:P30227 has details of generation of audio recording (Deprecated)
rdam:P30228 has details of generation of digital resource (Deprecated)
rdam:P30229 has details of generation of microform (Deprecated)
rdam:P30230 has details of generation of motion picture film (Deprecated)
rdam:P30231 has details of generation of videotape (Deprecated)
rdau:P60567 has generation of audio recording (Deprecated)
rdau:P60569 has generation of digital resource (Deprecated)
rdau:P60570 has generation of motion picture film (Deprecated)
rdau:P60571 has generation of videotape (Deprecated)
rdau:P60572 has generation of microform (Deprecated)
rdau:P60778 has details of generation of audio recording (Deprecated)
rdau:P60779 has details of generation of digital resource (Deprecated)
rdau:P60780 has details of generation of microform (Deprecated)
rdau:P60781 has details of generation of motion picture film (Deprecated)
rdau:P60782 has details of generation of videotape (Deprecated)

Adds value vocabularies:

http://rdaregistry.info/termList/AspectRatio/ RDA Aspect Ratio Designation
http://rdaregistry.info/termList/broadcastStand/ RDA Broadcast Standard
http://rdaregistry.info/termList/RDACarrierEU/ RDA Carrier Extent Unit
http://rdaregistry.info/termList/RDACartoDT/ RDA Cartographic Data Type
http://rdaregistry.info/termList/configPlayback/ RDA Configuration of Playback Channels
http://rdaregistry.info/termList/fileType/ RDA File Type
http://rdaregistry.info/termList/RDAGeneration/ RDA Generation
http://rdaregistry.info/termList/IllusContent/ RDA Illustrative Content
http://rdaregistry.info/termList/layout/ RDA Layout
http://rdaregistry.info/termList/RDAMaterial/ RDA Material
http://rdaregistry.info/termList/presFormat/ RDA Presentation Format
http://rdaregistry.info/termList/RDAproductionMethod/ RDA Production Method
http://rdaregistry.info/termList/specPlayback/ RDA Special Playback Characteristics
http://rdaregistry.info/termList/RDATerms/ RDA Terms
http://rdaregistry.info/termList/videoFormat/ RDA Video Format

Renames value vocabularies:

http://rdaregistry.info/termList/RDAReductionRatio RDA Reduction Ratio Designation
http://rdaregistry.info/termList/scale/ RDA Scale Designation

Includes deprecated value vocabularies:

http://rdaregistry.info/termList/RDAbaseMaterial/ RDA Base Material (Deprecated)
http://rdaregistry.info/termList/prodTactile/ RDA Production Method for Tactile Resource (Deprecated)