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@jonphipps jonphipps released this Mar 17, 2017 · 62 commits to master since this release

This release:

Is compatible with the April 2017 release of RDA Toolkit.
Fixes minor errors and typos.
Makes minor updates to element sets and value vocabularies.

Adds new elements:

rdaa:P50368 is described in (person)
rdaa:P50369 is described in (corporate body)
rdaa:P50370 is described in (family)
rdaa:P50371 is sponsor of
rdaa:P50372 is descendant family of
rdae:P20309 has note on capture
rdaw:P10324 has subject (entity)
rdaw:P10325 is description of (person)
rdaw:P10326 is description of (corporate body)
rdaw:P10327 is description of (family)

Adds new unconstrained elements:

rdau:P60905 has note on capture

Adds the value vocabulary RDA Regional Encoding, for videodisc or video game carriers.

Re-labels the value vocabulary RDA Book Format to RDA Bibliographic Format, and adds concepts for missing formats.

Re-labels the element Place and date of capture to Capture information.

Adds a Greek translation of the RDA Classes and RDA Agent properties element sets.

Replaces English lexical aliases:

rdam:P30275 rdam:hasDetailsOfRegionalEncoding.en becomes rdam:detailsOfRegionalEncoding.en
rdamd:P30275 rdamd:hasDetailsOfRegionalEncoding.en becomes rdamd:detailsOfRegionalEncoding.en
rdau:P60904 rdau:hasDetailsOfRegionalEncoding.en becomes rdau:detailsOfRegionalEncoding.en
rdae:P20217 rdae:placeAndDateOfCapture.en becomes rdae:captureInformation.en
rdaed:P20217 rdaed:placeAndDateOfCapture.en becomes rdaed:captureInformation.en
rdau:P60555 rdau:placeAndDateOfCapture.en becomes rdau:captureInformation.en
rdam:P30197 rdam:bookFormat.en becomes rdam:bibliographicFormat.en
rdamd:P30197 rdamd:bookFormat.en becomes rdamd:bibliographicFormat.en
rdau:P60578 rdau:bookFormat.en to becomes:bibliographicFormat.en
rdam:P30218 rdam:detailsOfBookFormat.en becomes rdam:detailsOfBibliographicFormat.en
rdamd:P30218 rdamd:detailsOfBookFormat.en becomes rdamd:detailsOfBibliographicFormat.en
rdau:P60769 rdau:detailsOfBookFormat.en becomes rdau:detailsOfBibliographicFormat.en

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