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Demo (Coming Soon)

Check back by the first week of March.


Have you ever seen a food post on instagram and felt a sudden craving for it? Have you ever seen a dish on TV and wondered how you could make that? With Makit, you can find out how! Makit is a web app that takes an image or video of food and returns a breakdown of the ingredients used, recipes for those ingredients, and nearby stores or restaurants that offer them. Your next culinary adventure is just one click away!


  • Ingredient Breakdown

    • Upload a picture or a video of food, and Makit will find the main ingredients used to make it.
    • To ensure accurate results, you can manually add and remove ingredients as needed.
  • Nutrition Breakdown

    • Makit will provide a breakdown of the nutrition information for those ingredients.
    • Track what you eat to help maintain your diet.
  • Recipe Search

    • Using the ingredients found, Makit will make its best guess and return a list of potential recipes.

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