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Pokemon battle simulator
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Pokemon Arena

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Version: Beta


Pokemon Arena is a turn-based pokemon battle simulator being developed by Ray Yang, Phong Mach, Rigo Hernandez, and Sam Blankenship.

Current Features

  • All Pokemon and moves (except for Substitute) from Generation 1.
  • "Custom" animations for select status conditions and move.
  • Accurate (mostly) battle mechanics designed to emulate battles from traditional, hand-held Pokemon games.
  • Turn counter that keeps track of a battle's turn-history.

Upcoming Features

  • Full team selection with up to 6 pokemon per team to battle with.
    • Players will be able to switch out pokemon during a battle just like in other games.
  • Team manager that lets you create and customize your own pokemon teams.
  • Integrated Pokedex to display comprehensive information about Generation 1 Pokemon and moves.
  • Player vs. Player battles!


  • Replaced PokeAPI default sprites with Generation 6 animated sprites.
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