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Python 91 23


JSON-LD parser and serializer plugins for RDFLib (Python 2.5+)

Updated May 15, 2016


RDFLib is a Python library for working with RDF, a simple yet powerful language for representing information.

Updated May 15, 2016

Python 1 1


Evolutionary Graph Pattern Learner that learns SPARQL queries for a given set of source-target-pairs from an endpoint.

Updated May 12, 2016

Python 25 5


This a module to extract RDF from an HTML5 page annotated with microdata. The module implements the algorithm defined and published by the W3C Semantic Web Interest Group task force, in March 2012. The module can be used to produce serialized versions of the extracted graph, or simply an RDFLib Graph Object.

Updated May 1, 2016

Python 30 11


RDFLib store using SQLAlchemy dbapi as back-end

Updated Apr 3, 2016

Python 70 26


A wrapper for a remote SPARQL endpoint

Updated Feb 14, 2016


RDFa 1.1 distiller/parser library: can extract RDFa 1.1 (and RDFa 1.0, if properly set via a @version attribute) from (X)HTML, SVG, or XML in general. The module can be used to produce serialized versions of the extracted graph, or simply an RDFLib Graph.

Updated Feb 6, 2016

Web Ontology Language 30 20


Chimezie Ogbuji's FuXi reasoner. NON-FUNCTIONING, RETAINED FOR ARCHIVAL PURPOSES. For working code plus version and associated support requirements see:

Updated Dec 17, 2015

Python 20 13


(discontinued) RDFExtras is a collection of packages providing extras based on RDFLib - PINNED TO RDFLIB 3

Updated Nov 5, 2015

Python 27 6


A simple implementation of the OWL2 RL Profile on top of RDFLib: it expands the graph with all possible triples that OWL RL defines. It can be used together with RDFLib to expand an RDFLib Graph object, or as a stand alone service with its own serialization

Updated Jun 13, 2015

Python 8 2


Ivan Herman's Python RDFa 1.1 parser, py3 compatibility work (follow URL immediately below for CI build status)

Updated Jan 25, 2015

Python 2 4


RDFLib Store backed by Kyoto Cabinet (Python2.6+)

Updated Aug 15, 2014

Python 8 5


A LevelDB based Store for rdflib

Updated Mar 6, 2014

Python 3 2


RDFLib Store backed by ZODB3 - PYTHON 2.6/2.7 ONLY

Updated Mar 5, 2014

Python 24 4


Two Flask web-apps for quickly setting up a SPARQL Endpoint or a LOD app for RDFLib

Updated Aug 31, 2013

Python 0 1


Benchmarking code + data for rdflib

Updated May 21, 2013

Python 6 1


RDFLib Store backed by SQLIte - MOTHBALLED

Updated May 15, 2013

Python 6 4


RDFLib Store backed by PostgreSQL - MOTHBALLED

Updated May 15, 2013

Python 4 0


RDFLib Store backed by MySQL - MOTHBALLED

Updated May 15, 2013

Python 9 4


(discontinued) An RDFLib store around Ivan Herman et al.'s SPARQL service wrapper, with namespace bindings

Updated May 15, 2013

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