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RDFa 1.1 distiller/parser library: can extract RDFa 1.1 (and RDFa 1.0, if properly set via a @version attribute) from (X)HTML, SVG, or XML in general. The module can be used to produce serialized versions of the extracted graph, or simply an RDFLib Graph.
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pyRdfa distiller/parser library. The distribution contains:

- ./pyRdfa: the Python library. You should copy the directory
  somewhere into your PYTHONPATH. Alternatively, you can also run the

    python install

  script in the directory.

- ./scripts/ can be used as a CGI script to invoke the library.
  It has to be adapted to the local server setup, namely in setting the right paths

- ./scripts/ script that can be run locally on to transform
  a file into RDF (on the standard output). Run the script with "-h" to
  get the available flags.

- ./Doc-pyRdfa: (epydoc) documentation of the classes and functions

- ./Additional_Packages: some additional packages that are necessary for the library; added here for an easier distribution.
Each of those libraries must be installed separately. Exception is RDFLib that should be installed directly from the server

The package primarily depends on:
 - RDFLib<>. Version 3.2.0 or higher is strongly recommended.
 - html5lib<> (in the additional packages folder)
 - simplejson<>  (in the additional packages folder), needed if the JSON serialization is used and
   if the underlying python version is 2.5 or lower
 - isodate<> (in the additional packages folder) which, in some cases, is missing and RDFLib
The package has been tested on Python version 2.4 and higher. Python 2.6 is strongly recommended. The package
does not run with Python 3.

For the details on RDFa 1.1, see:

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