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RDFExtras is a collection of packages providing extras based on RDFLib - PINNED TO RDFLIB 3
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Note: this project is deprecated.

In RDFLib >= 4.0, rdfextras is no longer required, SPARQL support and the utilities from this project are included in core.


RDFExtras is a collection of packages providing extras based on RDFLib. These include a tools package and several "non-core-rdflib" store implementations.

RDFExtras includes:

  • A pure-python SPARQL implementation for in-memory stores or other store that do not provide their own SPARQL implementation.
  • A set of commandline utilities: rdfpipe, rdf2dot, rdfs2dot, csv2rdf


  • RDFLib>=3.2.1
  • For SPARQL: pyparsing

For more information see:

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