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An RDFLib store around Ivan Herman et al.'s SPARQL service wrapper, with namespace bindings
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rdflib-sparqlstore was merged into core rdflib on 2013-05-01 

Future development will happen in core rdflib. 


This is an RDFLib extension that provides an RDFLib Store around Ivan Herman et al.'s SPARQL service wrapper.

In essence, it allows a SPARQL 1.0 endpoint to behave as if it were a read-only RDFLib Store.

The extension also provides a read/write SPARQLUpdateStore, for use when the SPARQL endpoint supports SPARQL 1.1 update operations.

This extension has revived support for namespace bindings.

Install with:

$ pip install rdflib_sparqlstore

Basic usage is

  1. instantiate an RDFLib ConjunctiveGraph with "SPARQLStore" as the first positional arg and then

  2. opening a known SPARQL endpoint


import rdflib
g = rdflib.ConjunctiveGraph('SPARQLStore')"")

A SPARQLUpdateStore is also available, the example below shows how a graph of updates can be applied to an existing endpoint / store:

import rdflib
g = rdflib.ConjunctiveGraph('SPARQLUpdateStore')"http://localhost:3030/dataset/sparql",

If the store object is explicitly created with the context_aware keyword param set to False, then rdflib.Graph can be used:

import rdflib
import rdflib_sparqlstore

store = rdflib_sparqlstore.SPARQLStore("",
g =  rdflib.Graph(store)

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