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from rdflib import Literal, ConjunctiveGraph, Namespace, BNode
import rdflib
# Note that this example uses SPARQL and assumes you have rdfextras installed
# after installation, no other steps are nescessary, the SPARQL implementation
# should be found automatically.
DC = Namespace(u"")
FOAF = Namespace(u"")
graph = ConjunctiveGraph()
s = BNode()
graph.add((s, FOAF['givenName'], Literal('Alice')))
b = BNode()
graph.add((b, FOAF['givenName'], Literal('Bob')))
graph.add((b, DC['date'], Literal("2005-04-04T04:04:04Z")))
PREFIX foaf: <>
PREFIX dc: <>
PREFIX xsd: <>
SELECT ?name
WHERE { ?x foaf:givenName ?name .
OPTIONAL { ?x dc:date ?date } .
FILTER ( bound(?date) )
for x in graph.query(q):
print x
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