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Plugin support for rdf.
There are a number of plugin points for rdf: parser, serializer,
store, query processor, and query result. Plugins can be registered
either through setuptools entry_points or by calling
rdf.plugin.register directly.
If you have a package that uses a setuptools based you can add the
following to your setup::
entry_points = {
'rdf.plugins.parser': [
'nt = rdf.plugins.parsers.nt:NTParser',
'rdf.plugins.serializer': [
'nt = rdf.plugins.serializers.NTSerializer:NTSerializer',
See the `setuptools dynamic discovery of services and plugins`__ for more
.. __:
from import Store
from rdflib.parser import Parser
from rdflib.serializer import Serializer
from rdflib.query import ResultParser, ResultSerializer, Processor, Result
from rdflib.exceptions import Error
__all__ = ['register', 'get', 'plugins', 'PluginException', 'Plugin', 'PKGPlugin']
entry_points = {'': Store,
'rdf.plugins.serializer': Serializer,
'rdf.plugins.parser': Parser,
'rdf.plugins.resultparser': ResultParser,
'rdf.plugins.resultserializer': ResultSerializer,
'rdf.plugins.queryprocessor': Processor,
'rdf.plugins.queryresult': Result
_plugins = {}
class PluginException(Error):
class Plugin(object):
def __init__(self, name, kind, module_path, class_name): = name
self.kind = kind
self.module_path = module_path
self.class_name = class_name
self._class = None
def getClass(self):
if self._class is None:
module = __import__(self.module_path, globals(), locals(), [""])
self._class = getattr(module, self.class_name)
return self._class
class PKGPlugin(Plugin):
def __init__(self, name, kind, ep): = name
self.kind = kind
self.ep = ep
self._class = None
def getClass(self):
if self._class is None:
self._class = self.ep.load()
return self._class
def register(name, kind, module_path, class_name):
Register the plugin for (name, kind). The module_path and
class_name should be the path to a plugin class.
p = Plugin(name, kind, module_path, class_name)
_plugins[(name, kind)] = p
def get(name, kind):
Return the class for the specified (name, kind). Raises a
PluginException if unable to do so.
p = _plugins[(name, kind)]
except KeyError, e:
raise PluginException("No plugin registered for (%s, %s)" % (name, kind))
return p.getClass()
from pkg_resources import iter_entry_points
except ImportError:
pass # TODO: log a message
# add the plugins specified via pkg_resources' EntryPoints.
for entry_point, kind in entry_points.iteritems():
for ep in iter_entry_points(entry_point):
_plugins[(, kind)] = PKGPlugin(, kind, ep)
def plugins(name=None, kind=None):
A generator of the plugins.
Pass in name and kind to filter... else leave None to match all.
for p in _plugins.values():
if (name is None or name == and (kind is None or kind == p.kind):
yield p
register('default', Store,
'rdflib.plugins.memory', 'IOMemory')
register('IOMemory', Store,
'rdflib.plugins.memory', 'IOMemory')
register('Sleepycat', Store,
'rdflib.plugins.sleepycat', 'Sleepycat')
register('xml', Serializer,
'rdflib.plugins.serializers.rdfxml', 'XMLSerializer')
register('n3', Serializer,
'rdflib.plugins.serializers.n3', 'N3Serializer')
register('turtle', Serializer,
'rdflib.plugins.serializers.turtle', 'TurtleSerializer')
register('trig', Serializer,
'rdflib.plugins.serializers.trig', 'TrigSerializer')
register('nt', Serializer,
'rdflib.plugins.serializers.nt', 'NTSerializer')
register('pretty-xml', Serializer,
'rdflib.plugins.serializers.rdfxml', 'PrettyXMLSerializer')
register('trix', Serializer,
'rdflib.plugins.serializers.trix', 'TriXSerializer')
register("nquads", Serializer,
'rdflib.plugins.serializers.nquads', 'NQuadsSerializer')
register('application/rdf+xml', Parser,
'rdflib.plugins.parsers.rdfxml', 'RDFXMLParser')
register('text/html', Parser,
'rdflib.plugins.parsers.rdfa', 'RDFaParser')
register('application/xhtml+xml', Parser,
'rdflib.plugins.parsers.rdfa', 'RDFaParser')
register('xml', Parser,
'rdflib.plugins.parsers.rdfxml', 'RDFXMLParser')
register('n3', Parser,
'rdflib.plugins.parsers.notation3', 'N3Parser')
register('turtle', Parser,
'rdflib.plugins.parsers.notation3', 'TurtleParser')
register('nt', Parser,
'rdflib.plugins.parsers.nt', 'NTParser')
register('nquads', Parser,
'rdflib.plugins.parsers.nquads', 'NQuadsParser')
register('trix', Parser,
'rdflib.plugins.parsers.trix', 'TriXParser')
register('rdfa', Parser,
'rdflib.plugins.parsers.rdfa', 'RDFaParser')
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