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RE:SS3D the game, another remake of SS13, but with another D.
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Markus-P-L Blob Shadows (#145)
* BlobShadowProjector

Early version of bloby shadows

* BlobShadows

* BlobShadows

* Fixing unintended changes

* Some more fixing

* Update MovementController.cs

* Update BlobShadowProjector.prefab

* restored Human.prefab

Now there shouldn't be any changes to orginial assets.

* Update Human.prefab

* Update BlobShadowProjector.cs

-Put in namespace 'Effects'
-Turn Shadows on on destruction
-Code style changes.
-removed unused namespaces

* Update BlobShadowProjector.cs

Refactor method for turning dynamic shadows on and off.

* Update BlobShadowProjector.cs

Make Shadow toggling method more readable and performant.
Latest commit bea56b8 Feb 23, 2020


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Space Station 3D

Welcome to the repository. Here you'll find Space Station 3D: a 3D remake of Space Station 13.

If you haven't been there already, the Discord Server should probably be your first stop. You'll find a lot of helpful people there, capable of answering any questions you may have.

Setting up the project

Quickstart Guide

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Checkout the desired branch
    • Checkout the master branch for the latest stable version
    • Checkout the develop branch for the development version
  3. Open the project in Unity

Tools and Setup


  • Unity 2019.2.0f1
  • Any Git client, see below.
  • Whatever tool you need to do your thing

The game is developed in Unity 2019.2.0 (you can get it here : Regardless of if you make code or art, installing Unity will be helpful for getting your contribution in. Upgrading the unity project version is possible in the case that it would help you with a feature or a major update has been passed. However the lead dev is in charge of the upgrade so that the transition can be as smooth as possible across forks.

For coding, you can use whatever you want, but Visual Studio is probably the most popular choice. It's free and integrates well with Unity. If you're a student, we recommend getting a copy of ReSharper, which adds a lot of code hints and shortcuts that will significantly improve your code quality.

The art style guide recommends using Blender for 3D models, but as long as the look and performance match the existing assets, any 3D modeling tool is allowed.

To get a hold of the project, you need a git client. Git is the software that manages the source. GitHub is the website that we use to host it. Some of the popular options are:


Have a look at for documentation on how to get your stuff in the game.

Forking the repository

If you wish to contribute to this project, you should fork this repository on GitHub, using the Fork button on this page. This naturally requires a GitHub account. You will commit your changes to that repository and make a pull request to merge it into our repository. See the Contribution Guide

Soon you will probably find your fork to be out of date. GitHub has made a pretty clear guide on how to sync your fork so it is up to date with the shared repository.

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