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A dynamic value extension for Paw using Faker to generate data.


To use the extension simply insert the dynamic value from the right click menu > Add Dynamic Value.. > Extension > Faker.

Select the language for the data and the category of the data you wish to generate. Then enter the name of the method to call. Finally enter the arguments, these should be in exactly the same format as if you were writing the javascript directly (i.e. strings quoted and each argument separated by a comma).


Method with no arguments

  • Category: Basic Random Data
  • Method: uuid

Equivalent to: faker.random.uuid();

Method with single argument

  • Category: Internet
  • Method: password
  • Arguments: 8

Equivalent to: faker.internet.password(8);

Method with multiple arguments

  • Category: Commerce
  • Method: price
  • Arguments: 1.10, 5.00, 2, '£'

Equivalent to: faker.commerce.price(1.10, 5.00, 2, '£');

Method with an array argument

  • Category: Basic Random Data
  • Method: arrayElement
  • Arguments: ['one', 'two', 'three', 'four']

Equivalent to: faker.random.arrayElement(['one', 'two', 'three', 'four']);

Method with an object argument

  • Category: Basic Random Data
  • Method: number
  • Arguments: { min: 10, max: 100 }

Equivalent to: faker.random.number({ min: 10, max: 100 });

See the Faker wiki for the list of available categories, methods and the arguments.


To install directly from source you will need to clone the repository and the build the code using the following commands

$ git clone
$ cd Paw-FakerDynamicValue
$ npm install
$ NODE_ENV=production make install

You can also download the latest build from the releases tab, then simply extract to the extensions directory. (See Paw > Extensions > Open Extensions Directory).


Paw-FakerDynamicValue is licensed under The MIT License (MIT).