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Contribution Guidelines


When needing to add labels, placeholders or general text, you must not write directly into the source file, please make use of the ./resources/lang/ directory.

Always provide the English translation - making sure that the indentation and alignment of the arrays are updated.

Coding Standards

The code is written to follow PSR-2 standards, this can be tested using PHP_CodeSniffer

$ make phpcs

Linting can be checked with

$ make lint

Mess can be checked with

$ make phpmd

PHPDoc blocks can be checked with

$ make phpdoccheck

Unit tests can be run with

$ make phpunit

You can also run all tests at once by running

$ make test

Style problems can automatically be fixed with

$ make fix

Automated testing

Coding standards are checked using StyleCI; mess, duplication, PHPDoc blocks and PHP syntax are checked using TravisCI


You should make use of the .editorconfig file found within the root of the repository. It'll make sure that your editor is setup with the same file settings. See for more details.


Along with the standard requirements, development also requires the following

Development environment

There is a Vagrant VM for running Deployer, it uses the ubuntu/trusty64 box. The VM uses the domain and the IP address so you will need to add the following line your /etc/hosts file

You will need to install the required box and start vagrant

$ vagrant box add ubuntu/trusty64
$ vagrant up

You may copy the config.default.json file to config.json and make any desired changes before starting the VM.

Once you have started the VM you will need to run the following commands

$ vagrant ssh
$ cd /var/www/deployer
$ composer install
$ editor .env                       # Change APP_ENV to local and APP_DEBUG to true
$ php artisan app:install           # Use the values from .env if you want to use MySQL
$ npm install
$ bower install
$ gulp
$ sudo service supervisor restart

You can reset your database by running

$ php artisan app:reset

The VM will set up the cronjob needed for heartbeats and it will setup supervisor to ensure the queue listener is always running

Please note, this VM will copy ~/.ssh/id_rsa and ~/.gitconfig from your host on first boot.