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.PHONY: help
GREEN := $(shell tput -Txterm setaf 2)
WHITE := $(shell tput -Txterm setaf 7)
YELLOW := $(shell tput -Txterm setaf 3)
RESET := $(shell tput -Txterm sgr0)
COMPOSER := $(shell command -v composer 2> /dev/null)
COMPOSER_CACHE_DIR := ~/.composer/cache
composer: ##@production Install composer locally
curl --silent | php -- --quiet
permissions: ##@production Fix permissions
chmod 777 storage/logs/ bootstrap/cache/ storage/clockwork/
chmod 777 storage/framework/cache/ storage/framework/sessions/ storage/framework/views/
chmod 777 storage/app/mirrors/ storage/app/tmp/ storage/app/public/
migrate: ##@production Migrate the database
@echo "${GREEN}Migrate the database${RESET}"
@php artisan migrate
install: composer ##@production Install dependencies
@$(MAKE) permissions
php composer.phar install --optimize-autoloader --no-dev --prefer-dist --no-interaction --no-suggest
composer install --optimize-autoloader --no-dev --prefer-dist --no-interaction --no-suggest
npm install --production
install-dev: ##@development Install dev dependencies
@$(MAKE) permissions
@$(MAKE) docker-install-dev
update-deps: ##@development Update dependencies
@docker-compose run -v $(COMPOSER_CACHE_DIR):/tmp/cache --rm composer update --no-interaction --no-suggest --prefer-dist --no-suggest
@docker-compose exec node npm upgrade
clean: ##@development Clean cache, logs and other temporary files
@$(MAKE) stop
rm -rf storage/logs/*.log bootstrap/cache/*.php storage/framework/schedule-* storage/clockwork/*.json
rm -rf storage/framework/cache/* storage/framework/sessions/* storage/framework/views/*.php
rm -rf database/backups/*.gz
rollback: ##@development Rollback the previous database migration
@echo "${GREEN}Rollback the database${RESET}"
@docker-compose exec php-fpm php artisan migrate:rollback
seed: #@development Seed the database
@echo "${GREEN}Seed the database${RESET}"
@docker-compose exec php-fpm php artisan db:seed
lint: ##@tests PHP Parallel Lint
@echo "${GREEN}PHP Parallel Lint${RESET}"
@rm -rf bootstrap/cache/*.php
@docker-compose exec php-fpm composer test:lint
lines: ##@tests PHP Lines of Code
@echo "${GREEN}Lines of Code Statistics${RESET}"
@docker-compose exec php-fpm composer test:loc
phpcs: ##@tests PHP Coding Standards (PSR-2)
@echo "${GREEN}PHP Code Sniffer${RESET}"
@docker-compose exec php-fpm composer test:phpcs
fix: ##@tests PHP Coding Standards Fixer
@docker-compose exec php-fpm composer test:lint:fix
phpdoc-check: ##@tests PHPDoc Checker
@docker-compose exec php-fpm composer test:phpdoc
phpmd: ##@tests PHP Mess Detector
@echo "${GREEN}PHP Mess Detector${RESET}"
@if [ -f phpmd.xml ]; then docker-compose exec php-fpm php vendor/bin/phpmd app text phpmd.xml; fi
@if [ ! -f phpmd.xml ]; then docker-compose exec php-fpm composer test:phpmd; fi
phpcpd: ##@tests PHP Copy/Paste Detector
@echo "${GREEN}PHP Copy/Paste Detector${RESET}"
@docker-compose exec php-fpm composer test:phpcpd
#dusk: ##@tests Dusk Browser Tests
# @echo "${GREEN}Dusk${RESET}"
# @php artisan dusk
coverage: ##@tests Test Coverage HTML
@echo "${GREEN}All tests with coverage${RESET}"
@docker-compose exec php-fpm phpdbg -qrr vendor/bin/phpunit --coverage-text=/dev/null --coverage-php=storage/app/tmp/unit.cov \
--testsuite "Unit Tests" --log-junit=storage/app/tmp/unit.junit.xml --exclude-group slow
@docker-compose exec php-fpm phpdbg -qrr vendor/bin/phpunit --coverage-text=/dev/null --coverage-php=storage/app/tmp/slow.cov \
--testsuite "Unit Tests" --log-junit=storage/app/tmp/slow.junit.xml --exclude-group default
@docker-compose exec php-fpm phpdbg -qrr vendor/bin/phpunit --coverage-text=/dev/null --coverage-php=storage/app/tmp/integration.cov \
--log-junit=storage/app/tmp/integration.junit.xml --testsuite "Integration Tests"
@docker-compose exec php-fpm phpdbg -qrr vendor/bin/phpcov merge storage/app/tmp/ \
--html storage/app/tmp/coverage/ --clover storage/app/tmp/coverage.xml
@docker-compose exec php-fpm php vendor/bin/phpjunitmerge --names="*.junit.xml" storage/app/tmp/ storage/app/tmp/junit.xml
@rm -f storage/app/tmp/*.cov storage/app/tmp/*.junit.xml
phpunit: ##@tests Unit Tests
@echo "${GREEN}Unit tests${RESET}"
@docker-compose exec php-fpm composer test:unit
integration: ##@tests Integration Tests
@echo "${GREEN}Integration tests${RESET}"
@docker-compose exec php-fpm composer test:integration
quicktest: ##@shortcuts Runs fast tests; these exclude PHPMD, slow unit tests, integration & dusk tests
@$(MAKE) lint
@$(MAKE) phpcs
@$(MAKE) phpdoc-check
@$(MAKE) phpcpd
test: ##@shortcuts Runs most tests; but excludes integration & dusk tests
@$(MAKE) quicktest
@$(MAKE) phpunit
@$(MAKE) phpmd
fulltest: ##@shortcuts Runs all tests
@$(MAKE) quicktest
@$(MAKE) phpunit
@$(MAKE) integration
@$(MAKE) phpmd
#@$(MAKE) dusk
run: ##@docker Runs the containers
@docker-compose up -d
stop: ##@docker Stops the containers
@docker-compose down
build: ##@docker Builds the application
@$(MAKE) run
@cp -f ./docker/laravel_env .env
@$(MAKE) docker-install
@$(MAKE) docker-migrate
@sed -i "s/JWT_SECRET=changeme/JWT_SECRET=$(shell date +%s | sha256sum | base64 | head -c 32; echo)/g" .env
@docker-compose exec php-fpm php artisan key:generate --force
@docker-compose exec php-fpm php artisan deployer:create-user admin changeme --no-email
docker-migrate: ##@docker Runs the migrations inside the container
@docker-compose exec php-fpm php artisan migrate
@docker-compose run -v $(COMPOSER_CACHE_DIR):/tmp/cache --rm composer install --optimize-autoloader --no-dev --prefer-dist --no-interaction --no-suggest --ignore-platform-reqs
@docker-compose exec node npm install --production
@docker-compose run -v $(COMPOSER_CACHE_DIR):/tmp/cache --rm composer install --no-interaction --no-suggest --prefer-dist --no-suggest --ignore-platform-reqs
@docker-compose exec node npm install
# --------------------------------------------------------- #
# ----- The targets below should not be shown in help ----- #
# --------------------------------------------------------- #
# Clean everything (cache, logs, compiled assets, dependencies, etc)
reset: clean
rm -rf vendor/ node_modules/
rm -rf storage/app/mirrors/* storage/app/tmp/* storage/app/public/* storage/app/*.tar.gz
rm -rf .env.prev _ide_helper_models.php _ide_helper.php .phpstorm.meta.php .php_cs.cache
-rm database/database.sqlite
-rm database/backups/*
## Generates helper files for IDEs
# php artisan clear-compiled
# php artisan ide-helper:generate
# php artisan ide-helper:meta
# php artisan ide-helper:models --nowrite
# Update all dependencies (also git add lockfiles)
#update-deps: permissions
# composer update --no-suggest --prefer-dist --no-scripts
# rm package-lock.json
# npm update
# git add composer.lock package-lock.json
#release: test
# @/usr/local/bin/create-release
# Create the databases for Travis CI
ifeq "$(DB)" "sqlite"
@sed -i 's/DB_CONNECTION=mysql/DB_CONNECTION=sqlite/g' .env
@sed -i 's/DB_DATABASE=deployer//g' .env
@sed -i 's/DB_USERNAME=travis//g' .env
@touch $(TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR)/database/database.sqlite
else ifeq "$(DB)" "pgsql"
@sed -i 's/DB_CONNECTION=mysql/DB_CONNECTION=pgsql/g' .env
@sed -i 's/DB_USERNAME=travis/DB_USERNAME=postgres/g' .env
@psql -c 'CREATE DATABASE deployer;' -U postgres;
@mysql -e 'CREATE DATABASE deployer;'
# PHPUnit for Travis
ifeq "$(TRAVIS_PHP_VERSION)" "7.1"
# phpdbg isn't working on travis, hitting the max open files limit
@php vendor/bin/phpunit --coverage-text=/dev/null --coverage-php=storage/app/tmp/unit.cov \
--testsuite "Unit Tests" --log-junit=storage/app/tmp/unit.junit.xml --exclude-group slow
@php vendor/bin/phpunit --coverage-text=/dev/null --coverage-php=storage/app/tmp/slow.cov \
--testsuite "Unit Tests" --log-junit=storage/app/tmp/slow.junit.xml --exclude-group default
@php vendor/bin/phpunit --coverage-text=/dev/null --coverage-php=storage/app/tmp/integration.cov \
--log-junit=storage/app/tmp/integration.junit.xml --testsuite "Integration Tests"
@php vendor/bin/phpcov merge storage/app/tmp/ \
--html storage/app/tmp/coverage/ --clover clover.xml
@php vendor/bin/phpjunitmerge --names="*.junit.xml" storage/app/tmp/ junit.xml
@rm -f storage/app/tmp/*.cov storage/app/tmp/*.junit.xml
@composer test:unit
@composer test:integration
HELP_FUN = %help; \
while(<>) { push @{$$help{$$2 // 'options'}}, [$$1, $$3] \
if /^([a-zA-Z\-]+)\s*:.*\#\#(?:@([a-zA-Z\-]+))?\s(.*)$$/ }; \
for (sort keys %help) { \
print "${WHITE}$$_${RESET}\n"; \
for (@{$$help{$$_}}) { \
$$sep = " " x (32 - length $$_->[0]); \
print " ${YELLOW}$$_->[0]${RESET}$$sep${GREEN}$$_->[1]${RESET}\n"; \
}; \
print "\n"; }
# Prints the help
@echo "\nUsage: make ${YELLOW}<target>${RESET}\n\nThe following targets are available:\n";
@perl -e '$(HELP_FUN)' $(MAKEFILE_LIST)