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REBELinBLUE committed Feb 24, 2017
1 parent 8a6b764 commit 98bc1c39b6df204bcd4738761bab13d4c86815c6
@@ -112,12 +112,11 @@ fulltest: build lint phpcs phpdoc-check phpunit integration phpcpd phpmd dusk
# Clean everything (cache, logs, compiled assets, dependencies, etc)
reset: clean
rm -rf vendor/ node_modules/ bower_components/
- rm -rf public/build/ storage/app/mirrors/* storage/app/tmp/* storage/app/public/* storage/app/*.tar.gz
+ rm -rf pstorage/app/mirrors/* storage/app/tmp/* storage/app/public/* storage/app/*.tar.gz
rm -rf .env.prev _ide_helper_models.php _ide_helper.php .phpstorm.meta.php .php_cs.cache
-rm database/database.sqlite
-rm database/backups/*
-rm .phpunit-cas.db
- -git checkout -- public/build/ 2> /dev/null # Exists on the release branch
# Generates helper files for IDEs
@@ -35,10 +35,6 @@ See the [wiki]( for information on
* Configure the web server, database or other services
* [Run a test suite or check code quality](
-## Note about usage in production
-The `master` branch of this repository is a development branch and **should not** be used in production. Changes are merged into the `release` branch when they are considered stable and may then be tagged for release at any time. It is recommended that you use the latest tag [release]( for production. For information on contributing see [contribution guidelines](/.github/
## License
Deployer is licensed under [The MIT License (MIT)](/

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