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Getting Started

Using Deployer

  • Creating Projects
  • Server Management
  • Deployments
  • Command Hooks
  • File Management
  • Notifications
  • Health Checks
  • Templates

Advanced Options

  • Webhooks
  • Custom Notifications


  • Additional Options
  • Getting Help
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Upgrading Deployer is (normally) a very simple process which simply requires running a few commands. However, please ensure you read the release notes for each specific release in case there are any special instructions!

You will be notified with a prompt, as below, when there is an update available.

Update Available

Grab the code and update

WARNING You should make sure that there are no deployments currently in progress before attempting to update otherwise the deployment may fail.

  1. Get the latest code
$ git fetch --all
$ git checkout <latest release>

Please see the latest release for the latest version.

  1. Update the dependencies
$ composer install -o --no-dev
$ npm install --production
  1. Run the updater
$ php artisan app:update