My dot files for setting up a new Mac
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This repository contains my system configuration


$ git clone ~/.dotfiles
$ cd ~/.dotfiles
$ ./

Add custom commands

If ~/.config/extras.bash or ~/.config/ exists, it will be sourced along with the other files. You can use this to add a few custom commands, or to add commands you don’t want to commit to a public repository.

For example

# Git credentials
git config --global "Stephen Ball"
git config --global ""

Addtional Apps

The following apps need to be installed manually

  • Firefox - Needs to be installed manually so 1password will run
  • Google Chrome - Needs to be installed manually so 1password will run
  • MetaX
  • Moneywiz 2
  • Tuneskit
  • TPLink PLC Device Scan

Mac appstore apps can be installed with scripts/

Final steps

Run the following commands to authenticate with various services

$ composer config --global OAUTH_TOKEN
$ gist --login
$ ngrok authtoken OAUTH_TOKEN
$ asciinema auth
$ hub browse