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Kubernetes cluster visualiser and graphical explorer
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Kubernetes cluster visualiser and visual explorer

KubeView displays what is happening inside a Kubernetes cluster, it maps out the API objects and how they are interconnected. Data is fetched real-time from the Kubernetes API. The status of some objects (Pods, ReplicaSets, Deployments) is colour coded red/green to represent their status and health

The app auto refreshes and dynamically updates the view as new data comes in or changes

Currently displays:

  • Deployments
  • ReplicaSets / StatefulSets / DaemonSets
  • Pods
  • Services
  • Ingresses
  • LoadBalancer IPs
  • PersistentVolumeClaims

Note. This is a work in progress ☢

Demo & Screenshots

Short video demo 🡕


Application Components

  • Client SPA - Vue.js single page app. All visualisation, mapping & logic done here
  • API Server - Scrapes Kubernetes API and presents it back out as a custom REST API. Also acts as HTTP server to the SPA

Repo Details

  • server - Source of the Node.js Express API server
  • client - Source of the Vue.js client app
  • kubernetes - Kubernetes deployment manifests and instructions

Azure Pipelines CI Build

Build Status


Short Term

  • Filtering improvements (no refresh)

Medium Term

  • Security
  • Add AI
  • Profit
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