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At RECETOX we are engaged in research and education in the management of environmental and health risks associated with the chemicals around us.

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  1. RIAssigner RIAssigner Public

    RIAssigner is a python tool for retention index (RI) computation for GC-MS data.

    Python 4 6

  2. recetox-aplcms recetox-aplcms Public

    Forked from tianwei-yu/apLCMS

    This is a custom fork of apLCMS containing adaptations for large scale studies.

    R 4 8

  3. recetox-xMSannotator recetox-xMSannotator Public

    Forked from kuppal2/xMSannotator

    This is a custom adaptation of the original version of xMSannotator. It is a complete rewrite of the original functionality, following the same program structure.

    R 5 5

  4. workflow-testing workflow-testing Public

    Contains RECETOX workflows with automated tests against our instance at

    3 5

  5. MSMetaEnhancer MSMetaEnhancer Public

    Tool for mass spectra metadata annotation.

    Python 8 9

  6. galaxytools galaxytools Public

    Set of Galaxy tool wrappers developed at RECETOX

    Python 13 12


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