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LibREDasm structure

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Every class/structure/function inside redasm folder must be declared inside REDasm namespace.

LibREDasm files and folders

Folder Description
analyzer Currently it contains only the format's Analyzer
assemblers All instruction decoders plugins are stored here as: assemblers/assembler_name
disassembler This folder contains the generic Disassembler Engine and its APIs
formats All format plugins are stored here as formats/format_name
plugins This is the basic Plugin Interface (FormatPlugin, AssemblerPlugin, etc)
database REDasm's Database and Signature Engine
support Useful small functions for simplifying developer's life
types REDasm's Type System
emulator Emulation primitives
redasm.h Main header for basic types and data structures

LibREDasm folders for plugin developers

  • Beginners: formats and assemblers (needed only if an instruction set is not supported).
  • Advanced: analyzer.
  • Expert: emulation.
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