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Tool Name

This is a template of the tool documentation note for REMnux. You can view its source code by clicking the Raw button.

The tool's description goes here. The overall page is meant to be a brief reference note, and is not designed to provide a comprehensive manual for using the tool. For an example of such a note, take a look at the VolDiff page.

The name of this file should match the name of the tool that the note is documenting and should end with the ".md" extension.


REMnux-defined category (Ex: Examine Browser Malware). Specify the category or categories associated with the tool on the Tools Installed on REMnux page.


Usage of the tool (can often be acquired by invoking the tools --help or -h option). This should probably be presented in the "code" style.


  • Description of options available within the tool, one per line.
  • If there are too many options, list the most useful ones.


Example usage of the tool (command with options example). This should probably be presented in the "code" style.


  • Any references to the tool (that are of value to documentation), such as links to articles about the tool and its official documentation. Please include article title and author.

##Author and Source

  • Name of the tool's author(s)
  • Author's social profile (Twitter preferable)
  • Link to the tool's official site or source code repository

Location on REMnux

(tool) is a part of the (package name) package and is located in the (path of directory) directory.