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RETS Server Compliance README

				The RETS 1.8 Server Compliance Checking Tool 

This RETS Compliance project test suite contains a Java/Swing based application that allows those who implement a RETS server to verify that their server is compliant with the RETS 1.5 Specification.

****** Manifest******* This Project includes the following contents: README.txt This document rc.bat The "batch" file that a user would use to launch this application at a Windows command prompt. config/ Properties files, DTD's TestScripts/ RETS 1.8 Spec Compliance TestScripts Java Application Files: lib/ Common Java classes in JAR files

	ADDITIONAL Files & Directories included with the Source distribtion ONLY:
BUILD.xml			The "build" file that will be used by Jakarta ANT to build from Source code	The "build" properties file - Needs to be customized

src/				The base directory for all of the source java files.  When you run the build everything within this directory will be used to create the RETSServerCompliance.jar.

				Software Requirements
Java 1.7 JRE 

				Building From Source

You may also build your own version of this distribution from the source code,

Please use the included Apache Ant build.xml file.

Please note: Both the build.xml and the files (along with this file) are in the root directory of this src distribution, which we will call $COMPLIANCE_ROOT.

You should choose the following ant Main target:


YOU WILL WANT to customize the properties settings in the The important properties to change are:

-deploy -> defaults to $COMPLIANCE_ROOT/deploy -root.config -> defaults to /config (e.g. C:\config)

The other properties settings, you may (optionally) wish to change are:

-build -classes

Please note that classes should be in the format ${build}/classes.

If you change the value of root.config to something other than /config, you should also modify the $COMPLIANCE_ROOT/config/log4j.properites values -log4j.appender.R1.File=/config/logs/retsClientAPI.log -log4j.appender.ServerComplianceLog.File=/config/logs/retsServerCompliance.log

You will want to replace /config/logs with YOUR path to YOUR logs directory, such as /documents/serverCompliance/deploy/config/logs.

NOTE: The default logging location is $COMPLIANCE_ROOT\config\logs.

				Running from the Batch File 

Program Use:

The rc.bat is used to run the application. The rc.bat can be found in $COMPLIANCE_ROOT. It contains the following command-line switches and be edited to override these defaults:

-c config specifies the configuration file directory of "config" default if unspecified is the "config" directory on the drive root

-t config\TestScripts specifies the test script directory of "config\TestScripts" default if unspecified is the configuration directory


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