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RESO Web API Open Source Reference Client written in JAVA
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Reso Web API Java client library allows developers to build applications by utilizing the Reso Web API. For more information on the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) please visit or contact Developers wishing to better understand how to use and contribute to our standards visit RESO Developers FAQ.

Specific questions about this repository should be posted to the 'Issues' section with the Issue Template.


To build the client code and run the examples these components are required:

  • Java JDK 8 or higher. Can be found here
  • Apache Maven 3.x. Can be found here

You can verify component installation using commands:

java -version
mvn -version


Before running the tests or examples You must build and install reso-web-api-client library to Your local maven repository. Navigate to the library project and execute maven install command:

cd lib/reso-web-api-client
mvn install


All required dependencies will be downloaded by maven during the build.

Getting Started

A short guide on how to start using the code set is provided in here.

Example apps

Example apps are provided in the examples folder to demonstrate the usage of the SDK.

Specific usage guidelines

Running tests and examples requires valid authorization for the tested RESO endpoint. Before running tests and examples one must configure the connection properties that are usually located in files of each application. Please follow the description of each application for the exact location of configuration file.


Folder tests contains separate project for integration testing. Details on how to run integration tests are provided here.

New integration tests may be created by adding them to the existing integration test project, or by creating a new integration test project in tests folder and providing the required project description. Please follow the contributing guidelines when providing new tests.


Please read the contributing guidelines if You are interested in contributing to the project.

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