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A REST client for browsers
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A REST client for the rest of us.

Note: This is the source code, the extension download is here.

Build Status Coverage Status Join the chat at

RESTED is a new take on REST clients for browsers.

It is designed to be easy to use to let you work as effective as possible. It features all the most commonly used HTTP methods, setting headers, beautiful themes, saving requests in your browser, and more. RESTED is built upon all the latest web technologies to make both the user's and developer's experience as great as possible. Enjoy!

Image of RESTED

How to contribute

You want to help out? Wow, that's so cool! Have a look at the contribution guidelines for a guide on how to do so.

Since this is a relatively new project, I am also happy to announce that it is also pretty easy to contribute to the project! Everything is javascript and html using React.js and Redux, so come join!

See also the good first bug filter for some tips on what are good first bugs.

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