Benjamin Young

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Benjamin Young is CTO of in Greenville, SC and co-organizer of REST FEST with Mike Amundsen. Prior to joining InnoVenture, Benjamin worked as a User Experience Engineer at Couchbase (formerly CouchOne) working on the UI and the Python SDK for Couchbase Server 2.0. Before that, Benjamin ran BigBlueHat for 7+ years building small to medium sized web sites, web applications, and the BlueInk CMS--which he's now rewriting on CouchDB and exploring RDFa and Hypermedia APIs as applied to content management.

Proposed Talks

Title H.I.P. - HTTP Identity Protocol idea
Level Beginning/Intermediate, Five In Five
Abstract We're still trying to figure out who we are on the web, or how to tell people who we are at least. Generally, that looks like linking to an identity maintained on a remote service (Twitter, LinkedIn, Github, etc). When we delegate the distribution of our identity, we give up an amount of control over the URLs we use to identify ourselves. This talk proposes (in brief!) a simple "extension" to HTTP that would allow users to provide profile, authentication, or other information at a URL that's familiar, friendly, and memorable.
Slides Will post on the day of the event.