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Hypermedia API "bake off!"

For the Hack Day this year, we're doing a good ole fashioned Hypermedia API "bake off."

The Bake Off will work in a similar fashion to a chili cook off or cake bake off you may have been to before...but with less mess! :smile:

The primary objective is "tasting" all these various approaches to building the same thing in different "flavors." Because of that a non-goal is making sure these API's all work together. As such, there's no requirement to share media types, URL design, etc. However, building the "full stack" (server, client, and/or some basic documentation) for your "flavor" of choice is ideal.

Attendees will bring their best Hypermedia API skills and group-up (or "cook" solo) to present their best variation on the spec below.

NOTE: This is a work in progress, so please contribute!

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