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Stack day

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Cool Tools and Stuff

If you've got a tool, framework, or library you want to show the group, add your name a a title here.

What is StackDay?

StackDay talks are usually 30mins in length. This is a time to do a demo, talk about why you like the library/framework/tool, etc. and generally show it off to the group.

Example StackDay topics:

  • "Here's a cool tool I created to make it easy/better to do X"
  • "I discovered this cool library recently and it lets me do Y"
  • "You probably know about framework Z, but did you know it can also be used to W?"
  • "Here's a cool demo!"

This Year's StackDay Talks:

  • Mike Amundsen - "Is there a sufficiently stable definition of REST?"
  • Matt Dobson - Zetta : Generating Hypermedia APIs for Devices
  • Darrel Miller - Runscope : Continuous testing and monitoring of hypermedia APIs
  • Lorinda Brandon - SmartBear : The Girl Geek Imperativeor "I thought there going to be girls here."
  • Ted Epstein - RepreZen : Next-Generation API Design Workbench
  • Rob Zazueta - NARWHL: A Design Framework for Building Adaptable APIs
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