Chris Busse

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Chris is CTO of APIvista, a professional services firm focused on helping organizations find success with their API programs. Before that he managed the API Consumer Services team for the Capital One DevExchange platform. He also co-organizes the API Craft RVA Meetup.

A native of Richmond, VA, he'll be taking a road trip via Charlotte, NC with one of his business partners to arrive at their first REST Fest.

  • See also for links to all his social networks & other online things.

Proposed Talks

Using mitmproxy / burp for reverse engineering undocumented APIs

  • Type: StackDay

  • Level: Intermediate

  • Description: mitmproxy/mitmdump and burp are both easy to use tools to reverse engineer undocumented APIs.

    During this workshop I will show how to setup these tools to intercept 3rd-party App traffic from my iOS device and display the API calls for inspection and analysis.

I would also like to foster a discussion about the "cultural" considerations of the reverse engineering activites that have happened around apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Pokemon GO, and others.

  • Background: NA
  • Slides: Live Demo
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