Roman Hotsiy

Roman Hotsiy edited this page Aug 17, 2016 · 4 revisions

API consultant/Co-Founder at (Lviv, Ukraine)

Working on a bunch of open-source projects around OpenAPI/Swagger:

  • ReDoc - OpenAPI-generated API Reference Documentation
  • generator-openapi-repo - Yeoman generator for OpenAPI repo to help you share the spec for your API
  • openapi-sampler - tool for generating samples based on OpenAPI payload/response schema

Proposed Talks

ReDoc + generator-openapi-repo: API portal on GitHub in less than 10 minutes

  • Type: StackDay

  • Level: Beginner

  • Description: There are a few advantages in hosting your API specification + docs on GitHub:

    • comunity engagement (PR's and issues)
    • hosting on GitHub pages (perfect uptime, CDN, Jekyll, custom domains with CNAME)
    • advertisment in GitHub community
    • revision history, branching, CI
    • fast on-boarding time (everyone knows how to use GitHub 😄)

    During this workshop I will show how to use generator-openapi-repo and some basics of OpenAPI/Swagger to setup feature-rich API portal on GitHub

  • Background: NA

  • Slides: TBA

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