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#Erlend Hamnaberg


Erlend is a Consultant working for Arktekk in Oslo, Norway.

Talks, Stack day and hack day ideas

stack day:

  • Immmutable JSON
  • diverse command line tools

Functional JSON in Java 8


The arrival of Java 8 has made it possible to make better APIs. I have made a new JSON library for Java 8, which encodes the RFC using functional programming style. In this talk I will walk you through how I did this, using concepts as Algebraic Data Types (ADTs) and other useful functional programming patterns like Isomorphisms and Functor and CoFunctors. I will describe a way of using fold as the basic building block for expressing your api, and as the most powerful tool in the ADT. Lastly I will explain how we can use these techniques to do decoding and encoding of JSON without using reflection in Java 8.

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