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Welcome to RESTFest US (September 13 + 14-16, 2017)


Clemson University - 1 N Main St. Greenville, SC
Right in the heart of downtown Greenville!


Hurricane Irma will likely have a "knock-on effect" in Greenville, SC next week. But we don't expect much; just rain and some wind. We've set up a page in the wiki (Weather) where you can watch the weather and, if you like, post your own travel updates to keep us all informed.

RESTFest 2017 Greenville Content

Join Us!

Once you have a ticket, add a page here with some ideas for your talk. We'll look that this a few weeks before the conference and pick out a few as our feature talks. If you want to submit specific talks as a feature talks vs lightning talks, indicate that on your page!

Check out our website https://2017.restfest.org/us/

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How To Participate

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