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Welcome to the RESTful wiki!

RESTful v2.x is the current recommended version. The 1.x documentation has been retained for those still using that version, and to help those upgrading to 2.x to see what has changed.

Learning RESTful

  • [Tutorials & blog posts (2.x)](Tutorials & blog posts)
  • [Tutorials & blog posts (1.x)](Tutorials & blog posts (1.x))

The RESTful api: overview

Creating Endpoints

Defining your own RESTful resource plugin.

Filtering, sorting and pagination

Public fields


Going deeper:

OPTIONS and Resource discovery

  • about a resource's [OPTIONS request](OPTIONS requests)

Data providers

RESTful 2.x comes with numerous "data provider" classes. The data provider class abstracts the data access functionality from the resource class.

  • [List of data providers](7.2. List of data providers (2x)) available "out of the box".
  • [assigning a different data provider](7.3. Assigning a different data provider) for your resource
  • [creating a custom data provider](7.4. Creating a custom data provider)

Example custom data providers:


  • about RESTful's [response formatters](About response formatters)


How to upgrade to RESTful 2.x

Read Upgrading from 1.x to 2.x.

Common scenarios & recipes

Commonly required



Client-side Frameworks

Edge cases

Frequently asked questions

See the FAQ section.

When things go wrong

Check through this list to see if you've forgotten anything.