Code used to create the servers and clients shown in "RESTful Web APIs"
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RESTful Web APIs

Node.js code for the clients and servers used as examples in O'Reilly's "RESTful Web APIs".

You Type It, We Post It

/YouTypeIt/ A microblogging website with a programmable Collection+JSON API.
/YouTypeIt/server Node.js server for both web site and API.
/YouTypeIt/test Sample representations for use in POST and PUT tests.

The Maze

    <td>An automatic Maze+XML client that claims to have completed
    a maze, without actually doing it.</td>
/Maze/ A server and three clients for the Maze+XML media type explored in Chapter 5.
/Maze/server/ A Maze+XML Server
/Maze/the-game/ An interactive Maze+XML client that allows a user to navigate mazes
/Maze/the-mapmaker/ An automated Maze+XML client bot that makes an ASCII map of a maze.