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Continuous Performance Evaluation

This project contains an example Jenkins pipeline for continuous performance evaluations. All parts of the demo (except for the InspectIT UI) are defined as Docker containers. Therefore, Docker is required in order to run the demo. It comes with the following components:

  • Pre-configured Jenkins
  • A Jenkins slave running in separate Docker container
  • InspectIT Central Measurement Repository (CMR)
  • A sample application (Cargo Tracker), running on WildFly 10 with PostgreSQL in the background

The Jenkins and InspectIT Docker containers are built and started when the script startContainers (.bat/.sh) is executed. Similarly, they are stopped and removed when stopContainers (.bat/.sh) is run. In order for the scripts to work correctly, please avoid special characters such as spaces in your path.

By default, the demo Jenkins runs on http://localhost:8080. It already has a job configured which can be run in order to start the pipeline. The InspectIT CMR is also started with its standard ports 8182 and 9070.

The containers for the application (WildFly and PostgreSQL) are only created when the pipeline is run. The sample application is then accessible at http://localhost:8081/cargo-tracker. The WildFly server already has the InspectIT agent installed and should send data to the InspectIT CMR.

In order to access the data of the CMR, the InspectIT UI is required, which needs to be downloaded separately. As the InspectIT CMR will always be the latest version, you should also download the latest one.


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