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Port of ST vl53l0x driver for roboRIO to operate the REV Robotics 2m Distance Sensor.


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REV Robotics 2M Distance Sensor

roboRIO library for the REV Robotics 2M Distance Sensor

Installing For C++/Java

Download the latest REV-2m-Distance-Sensor-roboRIO-SDK-[version].zip from the release tab and unzip it.

Inside REV-2m-Distance-Sensor-roboRIO-SDK-[version] there will be vendordeps and maven folders. Copy the file REV2mDistanceSensor.json under vendordeps to the frc vendordeps folder on your machine. It is typically located in the following places:

  • Windows: C:\Users\Public\wpilib\2024\vendordeps
  • Mac/Linux: ~/wpilib/2024/vendordeps

Next, merge the maven folder with the frc maven folder on your machine, typically located at:

  • Windows: C:\Users\Public\wpilib\2024\maven
  • Mac/Linux: ~/wpilib/2024/maven

In order to use these libraries in your robot code, open a project in VsCode.

  • Press Ctrl-Shift-P to open the WPI commands window.
  • Select WPILib: Manage Vendor Libraries
  • Select Install new libraries (offline)
  • Select the check box next to REV2mDistanceSensor and press OK

The REV2mDistance sensor library can now be used in your code.

Installing For LabVIEW

Download the rev-2m-distance-sensor_1.0.0-0_windows_x64.nipkg installer under the releases tab. Simply run the installer and you will have access to REV2mDistanceSensor functions in your projects.


Examples for this library can be found in the Examples folder for both C++ and Java.