R-IDE: Make Sublime Text a perfect IDE for R
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R-IDE: Make Sublime Text a perfect IDE for R

This is a new iteration of the no-longer-maintained R-Box aiming to utilize the use of language server + better support R Markdown + better support of R packaging + .....


  1. Install languageserver from CRAN
# install R package languageserver
  1. Install R-IDE and LSP from Package Control


  • language features for R files

    Execute LSP: Enable Language Server Globally (or In Project if you are working with a project) in Command Palette and enable rlang. Upon successful execution, you should see a badge called rlang in the status bar.

  • language features for C/C++ files

    R-IDE ultilizes cquery to provide language features for C/C++ files. Install cquery first. Then enable cquery-r server in LSP.