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R-IDE: Make Sublime Text a perfect IDE for R

This is a new iteration of the no-longer-maintained R-Box aiming to utilize the use of language server + better support R Markdown + better support of R packaging + .....


  1. Install languageserver from CRAN
# install R package languageserver
  1. Install R-IDE, LSP and LSP-R from Package Control


  • R-IDE menu

    There is a R-IDE menu when an R project or an R file is opened. User could edit the setting exec_items to modify the menu.

    Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 7 20 49 PM
  • Build system

    Hit cmd/ctrl+b to launch the predefined commands. Use the setting exec_items to modify the items.

  • R-IDE Exec

    User could run any R functions via R-IDE: Exec.