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Note that standard Arduino package in Ubuntu will not work.


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RFduino: An Arduino shrunk to the size of a finger-tip and made wireless!



Communicating with us

The best way to communiate with us is on the RFduino Forum.


  • Get the RFduino hardware.

  • Install the FTDI drivers.

  • Download Arduino 1.6.6 or newer.

    • Mac OS X: Requires Java 6 to be installed. Available here.
    • Note: The default Package in Ubuntu 16.04 is to old 1.5.3 and does not support adding hardware support.
  • Open Arduino

    • Edit Preferences, and add to Additional Board Manager URLs and save. preferences
    • Open the Boards Manager under Tools->Board menu.
    • Select the RFduino package at the end of the list, and click Install to install it.
    • Your new board will now show up in the Tools->Board menu.

Select the board and port, and you're ready to go!

Note: Arduino may not start properly if another version has been previously installed and the Preferences are incompatible. You can reset the Preferences by deleting the following directory:

  • Windows: %appdata%/Arduino15 (open File Explorer, enter %appdata% into the Address Bar and press Enter)
  • Mac OS X: ~/Library/Arduino15 (open Finder, and Go->Go to Folder)
  • Linux: ~/.arduino15


// FTDI drivers are not needed (they are built into the kernel)

tar -xf arduino-1.6.6-linux64.tar.xz

Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install default-jre
Fedora: sudo yum install jre
OpenSUSE: sudo zypper install jre

// otherwise the com port open will fail with permission denied (you must logout/login for change to take effect)
sudo usermod -aG dialout <username>

Getting Started

  • Attach the USB shield

  • Select RFduino from the Tools->Board menu

  • Select the port from the Tools->Port menu

  • Select an example from the File->Examples->RFduinoNonBLE or File->Examples-?RFduinoBLE directory

  • Select Upload to compile, upload and execute the sketch

  • Download the iPhone example apps from the iPhone App Store (search for RFduino).

    • Detailed instructions for the Temperature app are available here.
    • Detailed instructions for the ColorWheel app are available here.


Check out the RFduinoApps repository for iPhone App source code & RFduino to Raspberry Pi integration projects.


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