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A package containing functions for running RHESSys from R
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RHESSysIOinR contains functions for running RHESSys in R and processing output. The objective of this package is to clearly and efficiently produce R code that can be used to setup RHESSys, conduct calibrations and simulations, and process output. This package supports a long(er)-term goal of having experiments involving RHESSys be reproducible. #OpenScience


You can install RHESSysIOinR directly from R

# install.packages("devtools")



The run_rhessys() function is the core method used to setup and run RHESSys. Documentation on how to set up and use the function is contained in the package.

Utilities and helper funcitons

  • build_redefine(): generates redefine worldfiles
  • cal.wyd(): calculates wateryear day
  • change_def_file(): create new def file based on existing file and input pars
  • clim_auto(): helper to simplify climate input for run_rhessys()
  • evaluation(): used to evaluate model output
  • input_tec(): helper to simplify input of tec events
  • mkdate(): generates wy, yd, and wyd based on day, month, year
  • read_clim(): reads rhessys formatted climate data into R
  • readin_rhessys_output(): reads rhessys output into R, includes some subsetting and simply aggregation
  • readin_rhessys_output_old(): legacy method to read in rhessys output
  • tec_repeat(): generates repeating tec events for input into run_rhessys(), can also copy+rename a redefine file as needed
  • write_sample_clim(): generate new climate based on existing climate
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